Webtraxs Forms Utility  ThomasNet Marketing

This is a tool to enable tracking data entered into a web form and sending the data to webtraxs.

How to use:
Insert following line where appropriate
 tin.webtraxs.forms.sendRFI(formId, name_field_value, email_field_value, subject_field_value, optional_submit_id);


Param Type Details
formId String Form identifier. ex: 'contactUsForm'
name_field_value String Value of name field
email_field_value String Value of email field
subject_field_value String Value of subject field
optional_submit_id (Optional) String Unique form submission identifier.

App Version Info

Version 0.5
FileName tn.webtraxs.forms.min.js
URL https://webtraxs.tpco.info/tin.webtraxs.forms.min.js